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Business Education Program

The Business Education program expects its candidates to:

  1. Develop career awareness and related skills to enable candidates to make viable career choices and become employable in a school setting.
  2. Develop in-depth knowledge of technology as it relates to the business education curriculum.
  3. Develop and demonstrate the appropriate methodologies for successfully teaching the business education curriculum.
  4. Develop skills and knowledge in business education subject matter.
  5. Develop competencies in professional technical education.
  6. Develop decision making and management skills to be effective as a classroom teacher.

The Business Education program offers a minor, major and single-subject major in Business Education. The Program meets the standards for the Business Technology Education standard certification for the State Department of Education in secondary education (grades 6-12). Additionally the program includes coursework leading to occupational certification by the Idaho Division of Professional-Technical Education.

The graduate would be qualified to teach all business education courses such as accounting, clerical procedures, computer technology and keyboarding. Also available through this program is an endorsement in Consumer Economics that qualifies graduates to teach senior high Consumer Economics and Economics.

The Business Education program also participates in Business Professionals of America at the post-secondary level and provides additional opportunities for the potential business education teacher.

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