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Sport Science and

Physical Education

2017 Student Accolades

Overall 2016-2017 Student of the Year: Ashley Bullers
Exercise Science 2016-2017 Student of the Year: Emily Neufield
Sport Management 2016-2017 Student of the Year: Eric Eagleburger
Physical Education Teaching 2016-2017 Student of the Year: Claire Jorgensen
Outdoor Education 2016-2017 Student of the Year: Savannah Buckley

2016 Student Accolades

Photo of 2016 Student Award Receipients

Overall Department Student of the Year: Shelby Erdahl
Exercise Science Student of the Year: Andrew Polenske
Sports Management Student of the Year: Makenzie Filer
PE Teaching Student of the Year: Jennifer West
Outdoor Education Student of the Year: Taylor Cole

2015 College of Education Outstanding Student Achievement Award

Kayla Miller, Exercise Science

COE student award

2015 SSPE Student of the Year

Lindsey Schroeder, Exercise Science

2015 Emphasis Area Student of the Year

Hannah Sigurdson, Exercise Science
Ryan Brady, Outdoor Education
Claire Jorgensen, Physical Education-Teaching
Sven Alskog, Sport Management

Previous Recipients

    SSPE Student of the Year
      2014-2015 Travis Martin, Exercise Science
      2013-2014 Kole Spaulding, Exercise Science
      2012-2013 Emily Klein, Physical Education- Teaching
      2011-2012 Clark Rasmussen, Sport Management
      2010-2011 Cody Sparrow, Sport Management
      2009-2010 Cody Cranor, Sport Management



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