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What is Sport Science and Physical Education at Idaho State University?


The mission of the Department of Sport Science and Physical Education at Idaho State University is to provide candidates with the intellectual and physical skills necessary to maximize their potential. The study of the physical education discipline is an important part of the curriculum at Idaho State University; it strives to fulfill the University mission as well as the College of Education’s mission in the enhancement of learning, lifelong development, and educational leadership. The study of physical education encourages candidates to respect human dignity, to be critical thinkers, and to be effective communicators. It provides an opportunity for the individual to make decisions regarding lifestyle and health choices enhancing self-direction and self-esteem. Physical education develops both the mental and physical discipline to provide opportunities for mental, social, emotional, spiritual, and personal development while interacting in a university environment.

The Idaho State University Department of Sport Science and Physical Education is committed to providing an academic program in which men and women can discover, experience, and reflect upon the study of movement. Curricula are designed to challenge candidates in the theory and to provide opportunity for practical experiences. Candidates are expected to become both advocates for and contributors to the discipline on personal and professional levels. Faculty members are committed to excellence in teaching, concerns for the needs of candidates, service to the community, and expertise in their discipline.

Majors in Physical Education receive preparation for a number of careers. The candidate majoring in Physical Education may select from four emphasis areas including exercise science, outdoor education, sport management, and teaching. Majors receive preparation for graduate work in areas such as physical education, physical therapy, exercise science, outdoor education and athletic administration.

The Department of Sport Science and Physical Education also offers three minor areas of study to facilitate professional and career development needed by women and men to succeed in a changing world. Candidates may choose to minor in coaching, outdoor education, or sport management.

The Department of Sport Science and Physical Education is committed to make the sport and leisure activity program for the major and non-major an experience serving the needs and interests of participants. The activity program is designed to develop participants’ skills in lifetime activities and to increase participants’ fitness level.

The Department of Sport Science and Physical Education also offers a Master of Physical Education degree with an emphasis in Athletic Administration. The program is designed to facilitate the intellectual and practical knowledge necessary to enter the field of sport management or administration upon graduation.

The Physical Education Activity Program (PEAC) Mission Statement

Participation in regular physical activity is critical for the development and preservation of good health, and in fostering an understanding of the importance of and consequences of making healthy lifestyle choices. The PEAC program offers a variety of activity courses to reflect individual interests and the needs of society .The goal of the Idaho State University PEAC program as reflected by the National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE), is "to develop physically educated individuals who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity. The Physical Education Activity (PEAC) program at Idaho State University serves to provide a wide variety of learning opportunities that encourage students to develop an active life style. The central mission of the program is to create a comprehensive learning experience that promotes the physical, social, and emotional benefits of physical activity. The PEAC courses at Idaho State University directly reflect the mission of the Department of Sport Science and Physical Education through a commitment to providing an academic program in which all individuals can experience, discover, and reflect upon human movement from a perspective of wellness. The academic instruction is sequential with integrated goals to acquire, develop, and improve performance skills, impart knowledge and concepts relevant to the historical background and philosophies of the particular activity, and to promote safe and lifelong participation in wellness-enhancing physical activity.

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Department Chair
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