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Master of Physical Education - Athletic Administration

Program Description
Application Deadline
Admission Requirements
Finances & Expenses
General Requirements

Program Description

The Master of Physical Education - Athletic Administration is aligned with 2 sets of standards: The Idaho State University College of Education Standards for Advanced Professionals and the National Associate for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) and the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM) Standards.

The Master of Physical Education - Athletic Administration is designed to strengthen the student’s understanding, knowledge, and skills in the areas of leadership and administration as they relate to the management of athletic programs at the interscholastic and intercollegiate levels. The curriculum is based on current NASPE/NASSM standards.

NASPE - NASSME Content Standards:
The NASPE-NASSM standards for Master's Degree Programs in Sport Management address eight specific areas that include the following: Management, Leadership and Organization in Sport, Research in Sport, Legal Aspects of Sport, Marketing in Sport, Sport Business in the Social Context, Financial Management in Sport, Ethics in Sport Management, and Field Experience in Sport Management.

The program also enables students to form and pursue unique course goals and career objectives; such as advanced coaching skills, athletic administration/direction at the high school and collegiate levels. Also, it is possible to complete all degree requirements in one year’s time. (12 cr. in the Fall, 12 cr. in the Spring, 9 cr. in the Summer, for example.)

Application Deadline

  • Summer: May 1st
  • Fall: July 1st
  • Spring: November 15th

Admission Requirements

To be accepted as a candidate for the MPE/AA degree, the student must meet all the requirements of the ISU Graduate School. In addition, applicants for the MPE/AA degree must meet all college requirements for admission and retention. Individuals applying for admission to the MPE/AA program will be reviewed using the following criteria. Preference will be given to applicants who meet or exceed these criteria:

  1. Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university in the United States or its equivalent from a school in another country.
  2. Grade point average of 3.0 or higher for all upper division credits taken at the undergraduate level.

In addition, the SSPE Department requires that:

  1. The candidate has the necessary background in the related natural sciences, and
  2. The candidate has the necessary background in tests and Measurements and a knowledge of statistical procedures.

Entry Exams: See department for GRE or Miller Analogy Test score requirements
Status: Students are admitted as Classified, or Classified with Performance Requirement. (See dept. for details)
Advisor: A graduate advisor will be assigned upon admission
Transfer Credits: A total of 9 credits may transfer from an accredited institution.
Time Limits: All requirements and coursework (including and transfer credit) for the MPE/AA degree must be completed within 8 years preceding the student’s graduation.

Finances & Expenses

General Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 33 semester credit hours for the Master of Physical Education/Athletic Administration (MPE/AA) degree. Students completing a thesis will orally defend the thesis, but will not complete written examinations. Students not completing a thesis will be required to pass both a written examination and an oral examination.

All students must document professional experience in an athletic setting either by prior athletic administrative experience (minimum of one year) or by completing an approved internship for credit while completing the MPE/A program.

Graduate Forms

MPE Graduate Program of Study 2017/2018
MPE Graduate Program of Study 2016/2017
MPE Graduate Program of Study 2015/2016
MPE Graduate Program of Study 2014/2015
MPE Graduate Program of Study 2013/2014
MPE Graduate Program of Study 2012/2013
MPE Procedures and Deadlines to be Observed
PE 6655 internship - Procedure
MPE Classes Monitor Sheet/Course Checklist
PE 5580 Coaching Problems - Procedures
PE 5585, 6648, 6651 Topical APPROVAL FORM

Graduate Handbooks

SSPED Department Handbook
Masters PE/AA Handbook

Graduate Comprehensive Exam Procedures

Written/Oral Exam Procedure for Non-Thesis students
Written/Oral Examination Dates (2016-2017)

Research and Writing Resources for Graduate Students

The links below are provided as resources when conducting research and when writing about research.

Supplemental Writing Manual
Research Forum
How to Read Research
How to Read a Research Study Article
Reading Qualitiative Research
Summarizing Research


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