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The Department of School Psychology, Literacy, and Special Education is comprised of the following undergraduate program areas:

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Special Education/Human Exceptionality

The Special Education major provides candidates with a bachelor's degree in special education and prepares candidates for professional certification as K-12 generalists in special education. This program also prepares individuals pursuing non-teaching degrees in human exceptionality. The program also offers Master's degrees; for information please see the Graduate Programs.

Broadly stated, the objectives of the Special Education Program are:

  1. Candidates will demonstrate an understanding of a wide variety of disability categories and their instructional implications, as well as the legal and ethical considerations for educating individuals with disabilities.
  2. Candidates will demonstrate understanding of instructional methodologies and curricula that have an extensive experimental research base to support their effectiveness for all individuals, especially those with learning difficulties.
  3. Candidates will make instructional decisions based on reliable and valid data that are primarily objective in nature.
  4. Candidates will demonstrate instruction and behavior management strategies that are proactive and teach new skills, as opposed to being punitive in nature.
  5. Candidates will demonstrate professional and collaboration skills with teachers, parents, administrators, and other professionals.

Admission Requirements

Prior to acceptance to the B.A./B.S. in Special Education/Human Exceptionality Program, all applicants must complete SPED 3330 or SPED 3340 and earn a grade of at least a C. Candidates must also complete EDUC 2201 with grade of C or better and pass performance assessments associated with this course, have an overall GPA of at least 2.75, and pass an admission interview.

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Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Human Exceptionality

The Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Human Exceptionality can be completed either as a nonteaching major for candidates who are interested in working with people with disabilities outside the public school context or as a teaching major for candidates who wish to earn special education certification as K-12 Generalists. The course requirements are the same for the teaching and nonteaching majors. For candidates in the nonteaching major, practica are arranged in non-school settings.

Course Requirements for the B.A. or B.S. degree

For a list of the Required Courses and Approved Electives, please see the Undergraduate Catalog.


Reading Endorsement

Twenty (20) semester credit hours in the area of Literacy, including a MINIMUM of three (3) semester credit hours in EACH of the following areas:

  • Foundations of Reading or Developmental Reading
  • Reading in the Content Area
  • Literature for Youth
  • Psycholinguistics or Language Development
  • Corrective/Diagnostic/Remedial Reading
  • Teaching Writing
  • Completion of the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Assessment
  • Praxis II: Reading Specialist; Test 0300; Score 480

* Remaining credits must be taken in the area of teaching literacy.

Literary Reading Endorsement Course Checklist

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Minor in Deaf Education

Individuals interested in becoming a certified teacher of children who are deaf/hard of hearing in Idaho will need to meet all requirements of the Idaho State Board of Education. Individuals preparing to do this should begin by consulting the College of Education Teacher Education Program for details about admission into an undergraduate program in Elementary, Secondary or Special Education. Individuals will then need to apply to the Master's Degree Program in Deaf Education in order to meet Idaho's requirements for Teacher Certification: Deaf Education. Information about the Master's Degree in Deaf Education can be found on the department Graduate Program page.

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