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Organizational Learning

and Performance

Dear Professional Technical Education Students,

The Department of Organizational Learning and Performance has worked with the Registrar’s Office to locate PTE courses under the subject “Professional Technical Ed.”

When you are looking for the Fall 2015 OLP-PTE courses, the courses will have a “PTE” prefix, and can be found in:

“Professional Technical Ed”

In Academic Tools, select “Fall 2015,” and then scroll down to the “P’s” looking for “Professional Technical Ed.” Click on it to find your PTE courses for Fall.

PTE Registration Screenshot

PTE Courses and Corresponding OLP Courses
[Where to find them online to register]

PTE Courses [Under ​“Professional Technical Ed.”]

OLP Courses [Under ​“Org Learning Performance”]

PTE 4401/5501 Foundations of PTE

OLP 4401/5501 Foundations of HRD

PTE 4402/5502 Occ Analysis Course Construction

OLP 4402/5502 Occ Analysis Course Construction

PTE 4403/5503 Methods of Teaching PTE

OLP 4403/5503 Methods of Training

PTE 4404/5504 Evaluation in PTE

OLP 4404/5504 Evaluating Training

PTE 4444/5544 Career Guidance Special Needs

OLP 4444/5544 Ethics and Diversity in the Workplace

PTE 4464/5564 Instructional Facilities Mgmt

OLP 4464/5564 Facilities Management

PTE 4467 Student Teaching in PTE

OLP 4465 Practicum in WTL

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