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Organizational Learning

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Doctor of Philosophy in Instructional Design

The doctoral program in Instructional Design is undergoing revision. We are not accepting new students at this time. We encourage interested applicants who do not have a master's degree in Instructional Design or Instructional Technology to consider the M.Ed. in Instructional Technology at Idaho State University.

For additional information on the PhD program's hiatus, please contact the Department of Organizational Learning and Performance at 208 282 3610 or email Dr. Karen Wilson Scott, Chair at

Program Description

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Instructional Design degree prepares students to assume positions of leadership in instructional design, research, measurement, or evaluation. Graduates direct instructional design, research, measurement, or evaluation projects as faculty at colleges and universities, in private or public institutions, or as individual consultants.

While research is an integral component of the Instructional Design Ph.D. program, candidates are provided primarily with courses and experiences preparing them to function more effectively as leaders in guiding instruction to meet specific educational outcomes. Coursework emphasizes designing instruction for digital formats.

Admission to the Instructional Design Ph.D. program is based on a cohort model. The start date of a cohort follows a specific sequencing of curriculum, and this will strongly influence the beginning point for the next group.

Applications are now being accepted for the next cohort, due to begin in Summer 2013. Early application is strongly encouraged: space in the cohort is limited; admission is competitive; and, successful applicants may need to complete prerequisite classes prior to the official start of the doctoral program.

The Ph.D. in Instructional Design requires candidates to complete 12 credits of Core Professional Studies, 15 credits of research and statistics, 30 credits of Instructional Design Specialty Studies, and 10 Dissertation credits (a total of 67 credits; see reverse side for the current draft course rotation).

Continuous enrollment is required throughout the year: Fall, Spring, and Summer terms. Part-time students can complete their coursework within three years, at six credits per semester, including summers. Full-time students can complete coursework in just over two years, at nine credits per semester. All students must pass two comprehensive examinations, as well as meet all University and College requirements for retention, before advancing to dissertation candidacy.

Additional information on the Ph.D. in Instructional Design may be found in the ISU Graduate Catalog.


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