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About Student Teaching

The student teaching internship is designed to be the culminating professional clinical experience for candidates in teacher education. This is a professional development experience during which the intern works in a school context with students. It provides an opportunity for the intern to assume major responsibility for the full range of teaching in an approved school situation under the guidance of qualified personnel from Idaho State University and the cooperating schools.

The internship is scheduled for a full semester. Candidates should not plan to enroll in any additional coursework during the internship semester. No candidate is permitted to enroll in a correspondence or regularly scheduled course during the semester in which s/he is completing the internship without written permission from the Coordinator of the Office of Field Experience. All programs require 14 credits of internship.

The application process begins one year prior to the semester of student teaching.

One Year Before

Submit Application
For FALL by October 20th
For SPRING by April 20
Advising appointment with Advising Center
Student Teaching Application
Personal Info Form

Six Months Before

Successful completion of Praxis IIs and ICLAs
Placement Interview with Field Experience Coordinator

Student Teaching Internship

Placed with a highly qualified cooperating teacher
Supervised by a Danielson Framework for Teaching certified evaluator
Ongoing professional learning

Student Teaching Fees

Application Fee $50
Late Fee $50
Out of Area Fee $50
Materials Fee $10 Per Credit ($140)

Framework for Teaching

Additional Resources

Contact Us

Office of Field Experience

Debbie Zikratch
Phone: (208) 282-3220

Kelli Horrocks
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (208) 282-3701

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