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College of Education
Idaho State University
921 S 8th Ave, Stop 8059
Pocatello, ID 83209-8059
Phone: (208) 282-2783

Office of the Dean

Welcome to the Dean's Suite

Dr. Deborah L. Hedeen

Deborah L. Hedeen Dean
Phone:(208) 282-4143
College of Education, 347

Dr. Christina Linder

Christina Linder Associate Dean
Phone:(208) 282-3477
College of Education, 350

Teresa Borrenpohl

Teresa Borrenpohl Director of Development
Phone:(208) 282-3780
College of Education, 352

Nicole Burr

Nicole Burr Financial Technician
Phone:(208) 282-2761
College of Education, 232

Deb Gerber

Deb Gerber Business Officer
Phone:(208) 282-2449
College of Education, 232

Carolin Glendenning

Carolin Glendenning Administrative Assistant II
Phone:(208) 282-3259/4838
College of Education, 345

Molly Hale

Molly Hale Office Assistant
Phone:(208) 282-3358
College of Education, 345

Bio - My name is Molly C. Hale and Pocatello, Idaho is my hometown. I still live at home with my mom. I have a lot of independence at home and in the community. I have two brothers, one sister, two nieces, and two nephews. I also have two dogs, one cat, and two birds. I have worked at the College of Education for seven years. The jobs I do are answering the phone, sorting and delivering the mail, filing, making copies, keeping the copy machine full of paper and ordering paper. I volunteer at a hair salon and also volunteer at a school teaching fourth grade students how to knit on looms. Hobbies I enjoy doing are knitting, painting, exercising, swimming for Special Olympics, watching movies, and most of all reading for pleasure.

Sheldon Harris

Sheldon Harris Systems Administrator
Phone:(208) 282-3144
College of Education, A 113

Melissa Orgill

Melissa Orgill Special Projects Coordinator
Phone:(208) 282-3452
College of Education, 345

Cydney Pearce

Cydney Pearce Assistant to the Dean for Public Relations/Events
Phone:(208) 282-5670
College of Education, 351

Instructional Materials Center

Dr. Shu-Yuan Lin

Shu-Yuan Lin Program Coordinator
Phone:(208) 282-3185, (208) 282-2652
Teaching and Educational Studies, 120

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