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Teachers and Principals*

Principal's Request Form

Expectations for Teachers:

  • Classroom teachers are responsible for their students
  • Tutors should be given appropriate responsibilities to instruct students based on the tutor's abilities
  • Tutors that are demonstrating unprofessional behavior (ethical conduct, compliance with school/district regulations, timeliness, etc.) should be reported to Alan Carlson (
  • Tutors will be assigned based on availability
  • Tutors should be working in the classroom with students (not doing personal homework or photocopying)
  • Use this opportunity to provide the ISU Tutors with a quality classroom experience - give them advice, tricks of the trade, and knowledge that you wish you would have had as you started your teaching career
  • End of semester evaluation for Tutors (sent by online survey)

Expectations for Tutors:

  • Show up to work on-time
  • Be professional in conduct, appearance, and communication
  • Give two-weeks notice to both the teacher and ISU Coordinator before leaving
  • The classroom teachers are depending on you - communicate with them if you will be missing work
  • Take initiative when working with students, but always act under the direction of the classroom teacher

Letter to Principals and Teachers

Dear Principals and Teachers,

What a lucky day for you! You are working with an ISU Career Path Intern. This program is designed to give ISU students an opportunity to "intern" in their career field as a way to build experience and a resume.

What does this mean for you? The ISU Interns that you will be working with are either Education Majors or specialized majors such as Computer Science, Business, Math, English, etc. They are looking to share their knowledge and experience with your students as well as build their own practical knowledge about the great profession of teaching.

ISU Interns will have various levels of knowledge and background in working with your students. Please give them specific instructions, but help them learn the process as well. The idea as we see it, is to have the Interns working directly with students providing instructional support - tutoring.

Each ISU Intern should come to you with some goals or experiences they hope to accomplish with this internship. Please work with them.

We see this collaboration as a mutually beneficial venture.

Thank you for accepting the ISU Interns into your schools and classrooms.

Questions or concerns can be directed to:

Camron Hammond
Student Support Coordinator
College of Education

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