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TaskStream for Students at Idaho State University

  • Students purchase TaskStream directly online at the TaskStream website.
  • All students in any teacher education program (starting with enrollment in EDUC 2201) must purchase a TaskStream subscription early in the semester starting Fall 2014 and must keep their subscription current throughout their program.
  • Transfer students or those already in the program must purchase a TaskStream subscription starting Fall 2014 and can retroactively fill their portfolio of desired.
  • Students can purchase varying lengths of TaskStream subscriptions, from one semester to six years. Students can purchase each semester ($25), 1 year ($42), 2 years ($59), 3 years ($91), 4 years ($105), 5 Years ($119).
  • Students should work with their advisor as they decide how long they will need their TaskStream subscription.

Installation Instructions:

If you need help with Taskstream,

Contact Mentoring Services for help via phone at
(Press "1" for support)
or by email at

Case #: 00412421
Use the above case number for reference when communicating with Taskstream:

In addition, you may wish to browse the online help area available within your TaskStream

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