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Additional Endorsements

Candidates can complete additional endorsements prior to graduation or they can add endorsements to their existing certificate after graduation and initial certification.

Pursuing additional endorsements after initial certification does not require admission to Teacher Education. However, persons seeking a different teaching certificate must be admitted to Teacher education in the new certification program area or to an alternative route program. To add additional endorsements candidates must demonstrate proof of content knowledge, proof of pedagogy and proof of performance.

At the College of Education at Idaho State University, proof of content knowledge is demonstrated through coursework in the endorsement area and successful completion of the Praxis II exam. Proof of pedagogy is satisfied through an endorsement specific methodology course. To satisfy proof of performance, a University Supervisor is assigned to observe and evaluate candidates teaching in the new endorsement area. If the candidate is not currently teaching in the new endorsement area, a student teaching practicum is completed.

Candidates are encouraged to work directly with the advising office.

Contact Information

Jamie Webster
Advising Coordinator, Undergraduate Advising Center
Phone: (208) 282-2783

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