Alternate Route Certification

Idaho permits individuals to become certificated teachers without following a standard teacher education program through one of several Alternative Route programs.  For more information, see the Idaho State Department of Education website at  The alternative routes require submission of an application packet and a plan that is approved by the Idaho State Department of Education.  Some of the alternative routes require a request from and the participation of an employing school district. Some alternative routes also require participation of a college or university.  The College of Education at Idaho State University only participates in the alternative authorization/routes available to school districts.  Participation must be requested by an employing school district.  For the College of Education to participate in an alternative route certification plan, a copy of the plan must be filed with and signed by the Dean or Associate Dean of the College of Education.  The candidate must be admitted to enroll in courses through the university and the candidate must meet other admission requirements as determined by the College of Education (such as verification of a successful background check).  Candidates will be assigned a qualified faculty mentor/supervisor from the related regular route teacher preparation program.  Because alternative routes are individualized, additional fees may be charged.  The Idaho requirements for alternative routes generally specify registration for a minimum number of semester credits per year and a maximum program length.  A sequence of semesters is illustrated below.

Semester Sequence:

  • Summer #1: Core—6 credits
  • Fall #1: Pedagogy/Core—6 credits
  • Spring #1: Core/Pedagogy/Content—6 credits
  • Summer #2: Pedagogy/Content—6 credits
  • Fall #2: Pedagogy/Content & Internship—6 credits
  • Spring #2: Content & Internship—6 credits
  • Summer #3: Content & Internship—6 credits

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