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College of Education

Our Vision

Building on a tradition of excellence, we will work continuously to improve the education we offer.

Our Mission

Through excellence in teaching, scholarship and service, we foster professionalism in all that we do.

  • We prepare and support professionals who are ethical and reflective and known for the quality of their work.
  • We provide recognized leadership in the support of our students, professional partners, and those who employ our graduates.
  • We promote a culture of caring, respect, and intellectual rigor within our college and beyond.
  • We foster collaborative relationships with the schools, communities, and professional organizations that we serve.
  • We advance our understanding of the professions we serve and the application of that understanding in practice.

Our Philosophy

Our college is an educational community of experienced and developing professionals who exercise “trustworthy judgment” derived from an established knowledge base including state and national performance standards. Our community consistently prepares professionals within a framework of key ideas: learning domains, reflective practice, and academic self-regulation.

The three learning domains, learner, knowledge, and assessment, occur in each program within a context that may vary according to the program’s specific goals. Although one program may have its strongest emphasis on subject area knowledge and another may focus on assessment or monitoring of results the lenses of reflective practice and academic self-regulation integrate all of our programs. This integration is a seamless and cyclical process: Faculty engaged in the act of teaching use assessment data or results from directed, experiential, or holistic learning to inform and shape their future instruction. This process, and its alignment with “By Teaching We Learn”, describes the dynamic interaction between professional educators in the college of education and learners.

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